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Our extensive experience as stairs suppliers enables us to advise our clients on all stairs related issues, regardless of the build stage. Our aim is to provide clients with the best possible stairs solution.

To help you plan and select your dream stairs please see the following advice tips from our Signature Stairs specialists.

Planning Your Stairs

Get the basics right:

The width and pitch of the stairs, as well as the height (rise) and depth (going) of each step will dictate how easily your stairs may be walked. Particular stairs require more room than others e.g. curved | turret type stairs really need to be in the original plans and choosing a curved stairs will mean budgets will be higher than a straight flight.

Under floor heating systems (UFHS):

It will ease the installation of your stairs or gallery railing greatly if under floor heating systems are kept back from fixing points e.g. 300 mm (12 inches) back from the edge of a gallery area and top step fixing points. Also, a void area of approx 1 metre wide and slightly wider than your step should be left under your first step - this will allow the stairs to be secured to the floor.

Fixing Details:

Stairs require a solid fixing point at the top and bottom, your gallery railing will also require adequate grounds. It costs a lot less (or nothing at all) to ensure that joists or poured floors are adequate at the building stage rather than having to reinforce them later. For timber frame (particularly 'easy joists') or timber joist first floors we advise a 'double 9 x 2' beam to be used and supported with extra cross braces to provide adequate grounds for the top of the stairs and gallery railings.

Stairs Anatomy:

Stairs Structure:

Generally with metal structure stairs, landings in the middle of the stairs require some bracing or support. At the early building stages these can be accommodated or hidden easily.

Other Considerations

Balustrade and Gallery Railings:

Signature Stairs use glass, stainless steel, mild steel or a combination of each. They can be either top or face fixed depending on site conditions (see details above).


Glass balustrades and open steps give a great sense of openness and light during the day but with the right lighting (in particular wall lighting) you can get an equally spectacular feature from your stairs at night. Making provision for lighting early in the build will save you chasing plastered walls later.


While stainless steel is low maintenance it does require an infrequent cleaning regime to be followed to maintain its finish. With a little attention it will last for many many years.


Handrail options include stainless or timber which can be either fixed directly down onto or float from the balustrade.

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