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Frequently Asked Questions & Stairs Regulations

How do I get a quote?
And do you deliver anywhere in Ireland?
Have you a salesperson on the road?

We service all of the island of Ireland and the UK.

In relation to quotes - our enquiry sheet will prompt you with what information that is required to get a quotation. We like to give as accurate a quote as we can so the more information that we get the more specific we can be. If you are not in possession of digital copies of your plans, hard copies or sketches can be posted | faxed to our address or feel free to call and discuss what measurements you have to hand.

Quotes do not require a site visit. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the project with you over the phone and encourage clients to call in and see our stairs range in our showroom. We are also happy to provide photographs and any other additional information you might require.

How long is the process & how does it work?

The process takes approx 6 weeks. We first like to give potential clients as accurate a quote as possible and once the price is agreed and the deposit received, a survey date is arranged. Drawings (CAD & 3-D) take approx one week after survey and once they have been approved by the client or their architect and the stage payment received the project goes into fabrication. We usually expect to be on-site approx 3-4 weeks later. Installation is sometimes over two dates but a schedule is agreed upfront. Any works required on site prior to installation is also agreed in advance with the client or their contractor.

Timing & planning of a stairs - when should I plan a stairs, am I too late?

Like all things when you are building, a bit of preparation will save a world of heartache. If you visit our planning a stairs section of the site you will see the steps that should be taken and the timings involved. If you are already at the finishing stage of your home you can still have a Signature Stairs - it might however mean a bit of reworking but nothing that cannot be accommodated with a little effort.

Do you do Spiral Stairs? Do you do All Timber Stairs?

We offer larger, custom fabricated spiral stairs with solid timber steps, continuous metal handrails and fully welded balustrades which are suitable as a main access stairs - they differ greatly in size, quality and price from the more common modular, secondary access spirals used to access attic conversions or as a back stairs.

All our custom stairs feature solid timber steps and handrails but as fabricators we manufacture using metal and glass predominately. By using metal structures you can achieve features in a stairs not readily possible with an all timber structure. For the timber elements in our stairs we use a small number of local joiners chosen specifically on their ability to deliver high finishing standards. We do not offer traditional 'all timber stairs' structures or timber spindles.

Stairs regulations - ideal figures for stairs (how wide etc)

Ideally domestic stairs should have a walk-space (width) of approx 950 mm but anything from 850 - 1,000 mm is fine. Building regulations for stairs in a domestic home recommend a pitch angle of the stairs of between 38 and 42 degrees. If the space is available we look for a step height of 180 mm and a depth of approx 250 mm (slightly lower than reg.). The lower the angle the easier the stairs will be to walk, however more space is required to accommodate the stairs scructure.

In order to accommodate doors or windows etc. stairs will vary in shape and size but your architect or our stairs design team can advise on optimum measurements. See also the stairs regulations table in our anatomy section. As we custom design and fit every stairs to your home we will ensure the best possible figures will be agreed upon. Other standard measurements that should be noted are - handrails are approx 900 mm above stairs nosings while the gallery railing standard height is 1,100 mm off floor level.

Signature Stairs showroom hours

Showroom hours are Monday -Thursday 8am - 4:30pm

Friday 9:30am - 3:30pm

Late evening or weekend viewings are possible, but by appointment only.

How safe is the stairs glass, what sizes can it come in?

Signature Stairs uses predominately Irish made 'toughened' glass in domestic projects ('laminated' in small numbers of specialist projects). Used in various applications for its safety benefit, toughened glass is four to five times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness. It is treated in a heat furnace to induce internal stresses which add to the glass strength and bring it to EN12150-1 standard. The specification on the thickness of the toughened glass is decided in compliance with building regulations for stairs. In the very unlikely event toughened glass is broken it fractures into small blunt pieces.

As above decisions on the size of the panes are made in compliance with building regulations and factor in elements such as how the glass is held (from uprights or at the base), what site conditions allow and balancing panes sizes for aesthetic value.

Stairs Pricing

As each stairs is custom designed, feature stairs prices vary based on the size and scope of the project at hand as well as the preferred elements within the job e.g. full cantilever stairs vs glass balustrade only to a concrete stairs. Each bespoke stairs is a feature design element of the home, finished to an extremely high standard. As prices on individual jobs can vary so widely, rather than give ballpark figures we encourage you to provide us with as much information as possible to enable us to provide a quick and accurate quotation on which to base your final decision. All our quotations are free and they do not require a site visit.

Signature Stairs Credit Terms & Standard Terms

Standard credit terms (CT's) are 20% deposit prior to survey, 60% on approval of drawings and the balance (20%) by post dated cheque also on drawing approval dated payable within four weeks.

Given the economic environment of the past years we have brought our Credit Terms in line with other industry players and in an effort to be fair to our customers the payments are structured in line with when we have to make our major outlays on the product ordered. We do however operate strict implementation of these terms and projects and do not proceed to the next stage until payments have been made.

For Your Reassurance: Precision Engineering Ltd. T/A O' Carroll Engineering has a positive credit rated and assessed by 'Credit Safe' - the most used supplier of on-line business credit reports information in Europe

How does the cantilever stairs work - is it suitable for my project?

We have developed a number of different installation methods in order to make our cantilever stairs suitable for most types of builds and at varying stages of the project. Ideally if your preference is for a cantilever stairs, then the earlier you can factor it into the build the more seamlessly it can be incorporated into the overall plan. The individual specification sheet for the stairs is available on our brochure pages, where you can find more specific details on the system.

How does free standing stairs glass work and what are the options on fitting?

The concept of free standing glass is that it gives the appearance that the glass rises up from your finished floor to give the maximum feeling of light and openness to an area. The glass is secured in a metal channel which is set below the level of your floor and clad to conceal fixings. We can make this channel in a number of formats to work with varying site conditions. For a more detailed description and drawings of how this is achieved visit our stairs anatomy section. Please remember if you wish to use this product in a timber frame or a timber joist first floor area - adequate grounds must be provided. We recommend a 'double 9 X 2' joist where appropriate as if the channel cannot be secured firmly in place then the glass will deflect.

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